“Fake” Ausstellung im Exile Berlin

Köpenicker Str 39, 10179 Berlin

Fake is of unknown origin. It was first attested in criminal slang in London as an adjective in 1775, as a verb in 1812, as a noun in 1851 and as a person in 1888 though its origins are probably older. A likely source is feague from German fegen in colloquial use. Another source may be from Latin facere.

Fake is probably from feak, feague (“to give a better appearance through artificial means”); akin to Dutch veeg (“a slap”), vegen (“to sweep, wipe”); German fegen (“to sweep, to polish”). Compare Old English fācn, fācen (“deceit, fraud”). Perhaps related to Old Norse fjuka(“fade, vanquish, disappear”), feikn (“strange, scary, unnatural”) and Albanian fik (“put out, vanquish, disappear”).

Fake is a new browser for Mac OS X. Fake allows you to drag discrete browser Actions into a graphical Workflow that can be run again and again without human interaction. The Fake Workflows you create can be saved, reopened, and shared.

Fake is a song written and recorded by British soft rock group Simply Red. It was released in July 2003 as the second single from the album,Home. It was the next single after their international smash hit “Sunrise”. It reached number-one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play for the week of February 14, 2004.

Fake was a Swedish synthpop band during the 1980s.

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Fake is the upcoming exhibition at Exile in Berlin.

Benjamin Ahmed Huseby
Billy Miller
Christophe De Rohan Chabot
Fox Irving and Kenneth Goldsmith
Fresh White
Hanne Lippard
Heji Shin
Jo-ey Tang
Julian Fickler
Jurgen Ostarhild
Kazuko Miyamoto
Kinga Kielczynska
Mark Dilks
Martin Kohouť
Nadja Abt
Nancy Davenport
Norbert Witzgall
Paul Sochacki
Patrick Fabian Panetta
Pietro Sanguineti
Rachel Mason
Rapture Inc.
Rein Vollenga
TOLE & Tolan
Ulrich Lamsfuss
Ulrich Wulff
Ursus Haussmann
Vytautas Jurevicius


Urban Spree Galerie // Berlin 21 March – 11 April 2015

“Randbemerkungen | Marginal Notes” is a photographic exhibition summarizing 8 years of urban explorations by the ogino:knauss collective into the modernist built environment. After their award-winning movies about Cuba and Moscow, the exhibition also becomes the platform to launch the new movie project about Berlin, called “Randbemerkungen”, as well as travelogue books about Berlin and Cuba and the launch of “Reconnoitering Berlin”, a series of urban “dérives” that will investigate the urban identity of Berlin according to multiple perspectives.

For 3 weeks, Urban Spree will host an installation of printed works and videos, completed by a series of events including live concerts, talks, workshops, book presentations, screenings and performances.

ogino:knauss is a Berlin-based, independent research group dealing with audiovisual language, urban cultures and human environment’s transformations.


Re:centering Periphery originated in 2006 at the Biennial del Arte de la Havana. Starting from Alamar, a new prefabricated city built in the 70s in Cuba, the group investigated everyday life practices that inhabit, question and reinvent urban peripheries produced as a result of modernist ideology. The main outcome of the project was a film-series produced through a participative methodology (“Doble Forza” (2008), winner of the Best International Documentary Award at the Istanbul Architecture Film Festival in 2008 and at Sezze Videofest and “Dom Novogo Byta” focused on Moscow). Besides Cuba and Moscow, the group has set preparatory works and surveys in Kiev, Belgrade and Berlin and opened up research files in Mexico City, Casablanca, Marseille, Tel Aviv, Detroit and Hong Kong. The project advancements are regularly published on the R>CP blog.
During the exhibition the two films will be screened at Il Kino in Neukölln.


The exhibition is centered around a selection of printed images shot in La Habana, Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade and Berlin, pictures capturing the urban and social landscape of modernist peripheries and the inner margins of the metropolis. The textures, geometries and patterns designed by the brutal architectural practice of the 20th century are shown alongside cracks, eruptions, signs of colonization and the re-appropriation following the everyday life of its inhabitants.
Two video installations complete the set up, representing opposite directions of research. The first, focusing on the abstract substance of the architectural modernist vision, shows geometrical patterns and symmetries being digitally explored and transformed into a hypnotic graphic landscape. In the second work, conceived as a study for the forthcoming full-feature film, the attention is conversely shifted towards the human body- “Der Mensch, das Maß aller Dinge”, following through a longer sequence an elderly hindered man slowly crossing the streets of Berlin, Mitte. A live audiovisual performance will be presented at the opening night.

The event at Urban Spree is primarily intended as a discursive platform for realising the new film project about Berlin “Randbemerkungen”.
During these three weeks, a series of events will involve known as well as new collaborators of the group presenting, discussing and performing theme-related works in progress. According to the participative methodology of the group, interdisciplinary conversations, live audio video performances, live sonorisation of films, workshops of spatial assessment and dérives, will act as resource-material for the upcoming film. During the last days of the exhibition, the launch of Reconnoitering Berlin will take place, a series of urban dérives that in the following months will investigate the urban identity of Berlin according to multiple perspectives.



the Re:centering Periphery Travelogues is a new series of photographic essays documenting the survey into global urban peripheries done by the collective:
-La Habana InT/Ext, is a five-week diary from Cuba 2006, focusing on the strong dichotomies affecting the Cuban social landscape. The basic cinematographic dialectics interior/exterior is variously reinterpreted as centre and periphery, legal and illegal, private and public…
-Exposing Berlin, is the result of a long-term observation of the transformations of the city since 2007, when the collective moved its base. The photographic essay dedicated to Mitte and Friedrichshain points at the conflation of image and spatial production in a neo-liberal urban development. The camera investigates the attempt to reinvent a unified central identity of Berlin in the place of the fragmented urban reality which carries scars and memories of a divided past.
The R>CP Travelogues are printed in a limited edition of 200 copies, available at Urban Spree’s Bookshop.

R>CP Crowdfunding
One of the exhibition’s main purposes is to sustain the future development of the project and support the realisation of the film Berlin Randbemerkungen. In the occasion of the exhibition a crowdfunding campaign will be launched to support the pre-production work for the film. Photographic prints, silkscreen prints, books and other limited-edition products will be on sale during the events at Urban Spree.

The Full Program of Events during the exhibition is available on the Urban Spree website: http://urbanspree.com/blog/event/oginoknauss-recentering-periphery-marginal-notesrandbemerkungen-exhibition-2/

Re>Centering Periphery
“Randbemerkungen/Marginal Notes”
An exhibition by ogino:knauss at Urban Spree Galerie
Vernissage: 21 March 2015 at 19:00
Exhibition: 22 March 2015 // 11 April 2015
Tu-Su: 12:00//19:00

Nomadenkino Start 2015: Ich fühl mich Disko @ Alte Börse Marzahn

Die erste Vorführung in diesem Jahr macht das Nomadenkino in der Alten Börse Marzahn. Gezeigt wird ein Film von Axel Ranisch, einem der jungen großen Talente im Deutschen Film. “Ich fühl mich Disko” wurde schon im Open Air Kino gezeigt.

Spielfilm, Deutschland 2012
Regie: Axel Ranisch
Darsteller: Heiko Pinkowski, Peter Trabner, Axel Ranisch

Sven Ritter lebt mit seiner an Demenz erkrankten Mutter Edeltraut zusammen, teilt mit ihr das Leben, die Wohnung, sogar das Bett. Tagsüber arbeitet er in der Bank. Während Svens Arbeitszeit kommt Daniel in die Wohnung und passt auf Edeltraut auf, geht mit ihr zum Friseur, spazieren, einkaufen und hält die Wohnung in Schuss. Doch eines Tages macht Edeltraut sich allein aus dem Staub. Die beiden Männer gehen auf die Suche nach ihr. Doch was sie finden, ist nicht nur Edeltraut, sondern eine zarte Zuneigung zueinander, die das Leben der beiden gehörig durcheinander bringt.


Die Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie präsentiert in der Ausstellung peripher ihre fotografischen Abschlussarbeiten

Ausstellung: 21. März bis 28. März 2015
Öffnungszeiten: 12.00 – 20.00 Uhr
Eintritt: Eintritt frei

Zwei Seminare der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie präsentieren in der Ausstellung peripher ihre fotografischen Abschlussarbeiten. Die Ausstellung ist vom 21. März bis 28. März 2015 im HO Berlin, Holzmarktstraße 66 in Berlin Mitte, zu sehen. Die Eröffnung findet am 20. März 2015 ab 19.00 Uhr statt.

Unter der Begleitung von Grit Schwerdtfeger und Jonas Maron entstanden 25 Perspektiven im Spannungsfeld zwischen Reportage und freier Kunst. Der Fokus der Ausstellung liegt in der fotografischen Annäherung an das Thema peripher. Die Peripherie erscheint entrückt, doch bewegen wir uns täglich in ihr, mit ihr. Sie erscheint uns fremd und vertraut zugleich und strukturiert unsere Wahrnehmungen und Deutungen von der Welt. Peripher, das ist das Alpenvorland, die alte Berliner Eckkneipe, die abstrakte Struktur einer Mulde oder der unbekannte Vater. In der Kombination der Seminare bietet die Ausstellung Einblicke in unterschiedliche fotografische Herangehensweisen. Sie ist der Abschluss einer Zeit des gemeinsamen Arbeitens und macht die Entwicklung einer eigenen fotografischen Handschrift erfahrbar.

Die Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie ist eine der angesehensten freien Schulen für Fotografie in Deutschland. Sie wurde 2005 von den Fotografen Werner Mahler und Thomas Sandberg ins Leben gerufen, die auch Mitbegründer der gleichnamigen Agentur sind.

Ausstellung mit Arbeiten von: Robyn Anderson, Astrid Beutel, Karin Dascal Fotografie, Philip De Keyser, Cordelia Dvorák, Jens Elksnat, Klaus Esterluß, Maxie Fischer, Stefanie Giesder, stefangraef.com, Elise Kammerer Photography, Stefanie Krasser, Carola Lampe, Sara Lindner, Jana Sophia Nolle, Ornella Orlandini, Yasmin Parvis, Manuel Radons, Fynn Rettberg, Andreas Schütz, Torsten Schult, Nils Schultze-Scharnhorst, Adele Schwab, Alina Simmelbauer, Martin Tervoort

In Zusammenarbeit mit den Bildredakteuren: Mandy Böttcher, Friederike Göckeler, Anna Hofsäß, Maritta Iseler

Opening of the Exhibition: 7 p.m. on March 20, 2015

Exhibition: March 21-28, 2015
Opening Hours: Daily 12 – 8 p.m.
Entry: Free Admission

Students from the seminars of Grit Schwerdtfeger and Jonas Maron of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie (School of Photography) present their final work from this past year’s seminar in an exhibition titled “peripheral” at the HO Berlin. The works will be on display from the 21st to 28th of March 2015 at Holzmarktstrasse 66 / 10179 Berlin. Additionally, there will be an exhibition grand opening at 7 p.m. on March 20th.

Under the direction of Jonas Maron and Grit Schwerdtfeger stand twenty-five photographic perspectives at a threshold between documentation and fine art. The exhibition centers on the theme “peripheral”. The peripheral is what may seem far away and separate, when in fact it is deep within us. It may appear to us strange, but at the same time very familiar. In this exhibition peripheral is the foothills of the Alps, a classic corner pub, the abstract nature of a ditch, an unknown father… With the combination of two seminars, the exhibition offers also insight into various photographic approaches. It is the conclusion of a period of working together and hallmarks the development of our individual photographic signatures.

The Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie is one of Germany’s highest regarded photography schools. It was founded in 2005 by the photographers Werner Mahler and Thomas Sandberg who are also the founding members of OSTKREUZ, an agency well-known in Germany and with international acclaim.

Exhibition with works from: Robyn Anderson, Astrid Beutel, Karin Dascal, Philip De Keyser, Cordelia Dvorák, Jens Elksnat, Klaus Esterluß, Maxie Fischer, Stefanie Giesder, Stefan Gräf, Elise Kamerer, Stefanie Krasser, Carola Lampe, Sara Lindner, Jana Sophia Nolle, Ornella Orlandini, Yasmin Parvis, Manuel Radons, Fynn Rettberg, Andreas Schütz, Torsten Schult, Nils Schultze-Scharnhorst, Adele Schwab, Alina Simmelbauer, Martin Tervoort

In cooperation with layout designers: Mandy Böttcher, Friederike Göckeler, Anna Hofsäß, Maritta Iseler

Web: http://ostkreuzschule-seminar.de/