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Top is a website that helps advertise the services of escort girls. When you type the domain name and come to the website there is a disclaimer.

It warns against getting into the website if it is illegal in your country and if you are under the age of 18 yrs.

Below the front page with the disclaimer is two button block commands.

The button block commands are in two colors. On the right, there is the next command. On the left-hand side, there is the exit command.

By clicking the next command you declare that you accept the terms as they are given to you. If you feel you are not satisfied with what is being offered to you, you can click on the exit command.

The next button is blue in color. On the other hand, the exit command button is red in color.

Generally, the website uses bootstrap and jquery for front-end programming. This is because there is a lot of animation that is facilitated by jquery programming. This type of programming is the one that allows movement of pictures from left to right and movement of elements on the webpage.

Another general overview about this website is that categories flow vertically. By this, I mean that they flow from left to right.


When you click on the next button, you move to the front page of the site. website classifies different categories into a variety of subcategories. Some of the categories that are found on the front page include HOME, ESCORTS, AGENCIES, BDSM ESCORTS, ESCORTS ON TOUR and ESCORT REVIEWS.

Directly below the categories are different pictures of different escorts. The pictures are uniform in terms of length and width.

The escort pictures are constantly moving from left to right.

Below the pictures are locations where the individual escorts are located. When you place your mouse on the individual escort picture, her name is automatically displayed.

On the top left of the website is space where you can select the language that you are fluent or conversational in.

On the right hand of the page is a list of countries. From here a client can select the country he or she is in.

When you click on a country e.g. Morocco you are able to view escorts who are in that particular location. So in each country, there is the number of escorts that you can find in that particular place. More to that, the website categorizes each country with its individual cities. Let us assume that you have clicked on the USA you can see a variety of escorts in each individual state.

If we take a place like LAS VEGAS in the USA you are in a position to see all the escorts that emanate from there.

IF you do not understand the website there is a search bar on the top left on the website. You can also write on the search to get more specific results to what you want.

The website logo contains two images. The images are in the embedded between two rectangular red blocks.

Another major feature that of this website is that it contains a contact icon. The contact icon is on the top left of the website. Unlike in many websites, there is no number to contact.

However, when you press on the contact icon, there is a form that appears. You should fill in the necessary field which is marked with a star.

The fields that you should fill in when writing your website include name, email, website and the message that you want to send to the admin.


This website uses a variety of colors. On the front page of the website the main color used is black for the background. A majority of the text is written in white which is obviously the only color that would blend with black color.

However, on the front page below the page is an attention awareness content. It is different from other texts since the background is grey in color.

Some of the colors used include white, red, blue, green, grey and black not to forget some few traces of orange colors. Fortunately, the website can accommodate any type of picture. There are different types of pictures that can be uploaded to the website. The pictures can be in the form of JPEG, PNG and I


This website contains different types of profiles. Most of the advertisement on this platform is done through the banners. You can basically post a banner add and at the same time have a profile. This site enables you to even advertise your website via the banner adds. On the site, there are places indicated where one can post his or her website.

Registering your profile on this website is absolutely free. There are three categories in which you can register as an escort.

You can register as an independent escort You can also register as an agency or a normal user. Some of the services that you can do in your profile include the following.

As an escort, you can add and remove blacklisted clients on your profile. More to that you can be in a position to classify ads.

In this website, there are a Variety of users. For an escort to feature prominently he or she needs to pay for premium services. A premium escort has an orange icon that denotes that the user is a premium user.

On the main profile picture of an escort, one can also be in a position to see if the user is verified. A verified user has a blue Icon that denotes that the escort has been verified.


The only person who is allowed to add reviews is a normal user. More to that, this website has a category specifically for individual and agency reviews. The review is done out of a scale of five. An excellent given a five star and a short description of what you liked about the service that you were given.

If you are looking for a site on how to become an escort in the UK, check this.

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