All You Need To Know About Vivastreet London!


Written by: Jasmin

Vivastreet is a website that advertises escort services in different countries – especially Escorts in London and other big cities. This escort website does not have restrictions in terms of where it can be accessed.

Many websites have IP restrictions and would not want traffic from specific countries.

However, when one looks closely, there are numerous countries that have not been included in the site. The site seems to specialize on powerful middle-income countries and very powerful economies.

Generally, the website can run on a majority of the web browsers very effectively. Some of the web browsers it tested to be very effective include google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini and window’s internet explorer. More to that, this website can run on Macintosh operating system.

There is no mobile version of the website and hence it appears hazardously on the mobile phone. However, though the mobile version is not the best it is still accessible. This might be a problem in the future since Google 2018 regulations require a website to have a mobile version in order to rank. This is because 60% of internet surfers do so through mobile.

This website is less than a decade old. It was hosted in the year 2008.

The most notable thing about this website is that it uses the .net extension. Primarily there is no much difference between the .com and .net extensions. The .com extension simply stands for extension simply stands for network.

Initially, the .net extensions were restricted and you could not easily access them. Fortunately, anyone can currently be in a position to access the .net extension and readily use it. extension performs equally to the .com extensions when all other factors are kept constant. This is because anyone in the world currently is allowed to have extension.

This website allows uploading of your profile picture via phone or computer. However, the pictures should be smaller in size. This is because a very large picture would consume the much-needed space. Uploading a picture is easy since the website will directly connect to the storage spaces in your computer or phone.

The formats of pictures that can be uploaded to the website include a JPEG, GIF, PNG.

More to that what can soundly be deduced from the website information is that they are offering this website as a third party.

This is an escort directory as clearly dictated. does not have escorts who work under it. Basically, it only helps connect sellers to prospective buyers and gives out a phone number to call them. By this, it shows it is not liable to people who give bad experiences. However, you can review the escort and warn any prospective customer about the bad quality of work done.

Color has a very simple template. On the first page, the most spectacular color is pink. There is content in words that describe the website and how to maneuver. Most of the texts in the blog are blue in color.

The logo is a blend of three colors. There are pink black and blue. The logo is designed in a manner that it appears as a rectangle.

Majority of the text in this website is written in light blue. More to that, the text links on the website are color blue and light blue.

Most of the borders on this website are in color pink.

In fact, this website has only three colors. black, pink and blue for texts. However, some text is written in black.


At the bottom of the first page is a list of countries where you can find the escort services. Each country is clickable and can help to describe the escorts that you are likely to find in that particular place.

The website automatically updates itself when a new escort is registered. The profiles of new are displayed on the front page of the website.

One distinct thing about this website is that it has highly specialized in building categories. On every topic, there is a subcategory. Let us assume that you are looking for an escort in the USA. the categories will narrow down and ask you which city you want an escort in. this you will narrow down to the specific estate.

Escort Profile

Basically, an escort or an agency can place his or her advertisements under 2 categories. You can place your advert under the country section. This means that majority of clients that are likely to get to you are individuals who live in that country.

On the other hand, you can place your advert on the front page of the website. From here people all over the world can see your profile as an escort and contact.

However, the amount of payment for advertisement on the website is $ 39, wherever you place your advertisements.

More to that the respective countries are further classified. An escort can place an advert on the respective city that he or she dwells. Generally, there are a lot of categories created from one single category. On the contrary, on competitor sites like Krypton Escort there is just one category and thus less options.

There is no restriction to what an escort can post. This is because an overview of the website shows that there are individual escorts posting and group escorts. More to that, there are websites that have posted to showcase what they offer.

The escort can edit his or her website whenever she likes. This is because the payment for advert space is not for the picture posted but for the amount of time that you have posted your ad.

Usually for this website you pay for an advertisement for around39 Us dollars per month.

When you sign up on the website, you are a give an HTML code which you can post on other websites. It is a unique code that is unique to each escort who signs up on the website.

The process of signing up is not complicated. Some of the particular fields that you will have to fill up include your email.

The website has four slots where you can put your public images on the website. On unique thing about this website is that you are allowed to put a website where you sell your services.

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