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This is a website service that advertises services of escorts. More to that is international. By this, I mean that it advertises escorts services all over the world. There are no IP restrictions when you are getting to this site. You can access this website whatever place you are in the world.

One notable thing about this website is that its domain name a the top comes with the logo of the business. It comes with small letter ‘a’ which stands for This is basically a tool used in branding.

If you also look at Neil Patel websites they all come with a drawn picture of himself at the top. It is a tool being used to brand. You can put a picture or a symbol at the top. When a consumer has multiple tabs on his or her computer he or she is able to know that that website is yours.

When you browse and search for, a pop up written content comes up. It warns anyone who is getting to the website on the contents of the website.

If seeing adult content in your country is illegal, you can drift away from your website. There is an exit button on the content page.

On the other hand, if you are under the age of 18 yrs you can log out of the website through the exit button.


The most predominant color in this website is color red. The popup warning document is color red. At the foot of the warning content, a document is the two options next and exit which all are bordered by the color red.

Majority of the clickable links are color blue. More to that on the front page are many pictures of escorts. This makes the website look balanced to all the colors.

Below each escort picture are two types of texts. There is the clickable text and a black text. The black text helps describe more about each individual escort.

When you click on the blue text it leads you to the profile of the individual escort that you are seeking his or her services.

On the left side of the website is a variety of advertisements. To click on the advertisement links are however in color red.

Below the front page is a black portion. The text that appears here is in white. Otherwise the text and surface here are different since it helps describe more about the website.

This website clearly stipulates that it is a directory that helps clients connect with their customers. The website does not provide the services itself but it is an agency to connect the two sides.

Another notable thing about this website is that it refuses adverts from some countries. E.g. adverts from the USA are restricted on the website due to the regulations in that country that restrict. It is against USA laws to serve as an escort.

More to that on the home page, all the cities where escorts can be found are listed. This will help one save time and easily navigate.

Organization And Structure

On the top right of the front page of the website. It is a logo in the color black of a lady. Below the logo, there are a variety of categories that one can select from if they are interested in what is offered. The categories run from right to the left of the website.

More to that, directly below the categories is a quick search.From this quick search, you can quickly find out what you want.

Under the registration, you can register in three categories according to what you feel is best for you.

On the right hand of the website you can register as a general user, On the middle there is where you can register as an independent escort on the extreme left you can register as an agency.

All the advantages of registering on the website are outlined below each category. If you register as a general user you are always going to see emails in your inbox, however, this is optional.

There are a variety of links that will help get to your destination. You can choose your path. E.g. you can write who you are searching for in the search bar. You can also click on the link below the profile and contact that person. More to that you can search by location. There is also a phone number where you can directly request or make a query.

If you are an agency you can decide to place a banner to sell your services. The banners have a fixed size that you can select from. Depending on where you place your advert, the price varies.

This website is connected to other website pages that are going to lead you to the final destination that you are looking for.

Some escort profiles have a map. This map will greatly help you get to where they are located. The maps are Google maps.

After registering on the profile, the escort can put as many pictures as she wishes. Individual profiles also vary in color according to what the seller wants.


As outlined above, there are three categories where you can register. If you register as a general user some of the fields that you are bound to fill include Your email which they only recommend Gmail, password, username, first and last name(not public). There is also a button that you click on the page to certify that you are above the age of 18 yrs.

The details to fill as an independent escort are similar to a general user. More to that you are given a banner code to paste into your website. Signing up on the website will enable to interact with the chatting options available on the site. After you sign up you are in a position to add pictures to your website.

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